Cleanest Cleanse

The Fresh From the Farm Cleanest Cleanse comes in three levels; Stealth (2 day), Courage (4 day), and Honor (6 day).


Relatively new to cleansing, but looking for a diversion to start anew the once new but now old years promise. Light 2 day schedule allows flexibility to weave between the weekend burger and mid-week fruit bowl and oatmeal. This cleanse is a great way to seek more of the latter.


Cleansing is more than just a mere afterthought to get the body in motion after an event resolution. The user has cleansed before, and looks forward to familiarizing further with the bodys natural chemistry. Is avid about periods of focus and minimal distraction.


In the world of Man vs. Cleanse, this person has clear control over both. More than familiar with cleansing, the challenge lies beyond the cleanse and in the next adventure that creates challenge. Revels in the prolongment of healthy eating and sustainable food choices.

All Greens

Full bed of greens designed to flush the body with Vitamin K, A, essential phytonutrients and minerals. 


Before the Cleanse

2-3 days prior to the cleanse, you should drink plenty of water and consume whole, un-processed foods, including healthy servings of fruits and uncooked vegetables. It is also recommended that you drink one glass of water with a pinch of rock salt.

Breaking the Cleanse

The morning after the cleanse you should eat a light breakfast, such as oatmeal and whole grains, with a piece of fruit, and a Fortified Orange. You should also continue to drink plenty of water and finish any remaining juices.